Timber Treatments


 Wood boring beetles (woodworm) can be found in the timbers of many homes and buildings. If not treated effectively, they can spread and cause severe damage to timbers including lofts, floors, structural beams and furniture.

MJ Field Damp can use a range of highly effective treatments to cure woodworm an any type of property. Most infestations can be treated using an insecticide spray, and always come with a guarantee against further attack.

Wet / Dry Rot

When wood is exposed to moisture for prolonged periods it can become infected with fungus. This causes decay which, if left untreated, can spread rapidly, infecting surrounding timbers and causing vast amounts of damage. Poor ventilation, leaky pipes and dampness to walls are all common causes of wood rot.

MJ Field Damp have many years of experience in dealing with both the causes of wood rot, and the thorough treatment required to eradicate it. Through the removal of infected timbers, and treatment to surrounding areas, wood rot can be controlled. New timbers can then be fitted with peace of mind that it will never come back.